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Water & Sleep

Why hydration and rest are underrated

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We know water and sleep are essential, but how much is the question. Discover the amazing benefits from getting the right amount of rest and hydration.

What You Will Learn

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Importance of Sleep

Learn about how we sleep and why we sleep.

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The Benefits

You’ll be surprised at how many benefits good sleep can bring! Living Well gives you basic sleep improvers you can start tonight.

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Reach for Water

Water is the recommended fluid for optimal health - Living Well explains why.


Christiana Leimena
Dr Christiana Leimena

PhD (Cell Biology and Inherited Heart Disease), BSc Hons (Biomedical Science)

Darren Morton
Dr Darren Morton

PhD (Human Physiology), MAppSc (Human Movement), BEd (Distinction)

Maddison Fox
Maddison Fox

BSc (Nutrition), Hons (Dietetics), APD, AN, BAppSc (Exercise and Sport Science), Sports Dietition

Ross Grant
Dr Ross Grant

Phd (NeuroPharmacology), MAppSc (Clin Chemistry), BEd (Sc) (Biochemistry/Chemistry)

Julie Hoey
Julie Hoey

BSc (Nutrition and Food Sciences), Grad Dip Dietetics, Grad Dip Ed

Reviews (13)

Getting adequate sleep is good. Too much of it, unhealthy. Thank you for letting me know. Recommend it for everyone.

Nkechi Ekeh

Excellent insight into the benefits of sleep and water.

Kevin Ongheen

Is health drink alright to drink?

Sue Webster

What a wonderful free study. Its totally educational and helpful. ***Thanks for the free course***

Dianne Ketah

Yes,I would! Anyone looking to improve their quality of life would benefit!! Thankyou very much!!

debra holbrook

sleep is very necessary for your life. a deficient and excess sleep give disadvantages. if you sleep more than eight hours it causes breast cancer. if you sleep only for five hours it causes heart attack, diabetes and stroke. water gives us much benefit.

Sara George