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Feeling Good

Keys to emotional health

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Do you want to feel good? Discover easy steps to dealing with stress and taking care of your brain and mind.

What You Will Learn

Mind Mending

Protecting your mind is crucial. Living Well outlines five simple steps, including eating brain food and “going green”.


Living Well shows you methods on how you can deal with excess stress.

Stress vs. Distress

Learn the difference between good and bad stress, and the benefits to your health.


Julie Hoey
Julie Hoey

BSc (Nutrition and Food Sciences), Grad Dip Dietetics, Grad Dip Ed

Maddison Fox
Maddison Fox

BSc (Nutrition), Hons (Dietetics), APD, AN, BAppSc (Exercise and Sport Science), Sports Dietition

Ross Grant
Dr Ross Grant

Phd (NeuroPharmacology), MAppSc (Clin Chemistry), BEd (Sc) (Biochemistry/Chemistry)

Darren Morton
Dr Darren Morton

PhD (Human Physiology), MAppSc (Human Movement), BEd (Distinction)

Christiana Leimena
Dr Christiana Leimena

PhD (Cell Biology and Inherited Heart Disease), BSc Hons (Biomedical Science)

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i'm pretty delighted.Thanks alot.

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Good course.

Paul Holmes