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Take an amazing journey through the ins and outs of how we relate to people day by day

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All relationships have major common aims - fun, belonging, surviving hard times, communicating, resolving conflict and growing closer.

What You Will Learn

What is Love?

Love requires a balanced definition which includes thinking, emotions, physical, and spiritual


How to understand rather than assume, and simple steps to be a better listener

Conflict Management

Conflict is inevitable, the good news is it can be done constructively (believe it or not)

Reviews (17)

It is a very well documented and very helpful course. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have healthy values ​​in life and in the family.

Lucian Răcilă

This was a really insightful. There are practical examples that can be used in my relationship. Thank you for the tools that I found

Shamila Smith

My partner is currently in prison and he told me about the books he is reading and I just took it upon myself to also find the same ones and it brought me here. This has helped me understand our relationship a lot better. Thank you hope channel 😊

Wikitoria Hohaia-neho

Loved it! This should be a prerequisite for marriage. It deals will a lot of important facets that couple needs to be aware of before getting into a lifetime covenant. The better you know yourself & relationship the better you can serve your partner.

Joshua St. Germain

This course was a real eye opener. I learnt so much of how to have a more loving, spiritual and a healthy relationship with a partner

Josiah Akakpo

I found this course to be helpful in looking deeper and acknowledging the issues :-)

Veronika Barto