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Teach Me To Pray

So you don't know much about God, but you're open to finding out.

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So you don't know much about God, but you're open to finding out. This course helps you understand how to talk to Him, and also how He talks to you.

What You Will Learn

What Is Prayer About?

You can talk to God about anything - whatever is on your heart!

Your Way Or Mine?

God has given to us freedom of choice, as we have already noted. Freedom of choice is our will power – the power to choose or make a decision.

Really Forgiven?

Forgiveness is sometimes hard to accept. To forgive people enormous atrocities or deeply inflicted personal pain is very difficult.


Graeme Loftus
Dr Graeme Loftus

Reviews (81)

Yes I would recommend, this for any one needing a better understanding of prayer

Lynn Thompson

Thankyou for this inspirational training about prayer. Many new insights learned and i can't wait to put in practice.

Arina Neirove

I would highly recommend this course. If I can, I would take it again. How it deals with the interaction and interfacing of God's will, human free choice, Romans 8:28, the role of Bible study, and a personal God who wants intimacy with us, is a blessing.

David Battle

'Teach me to pray' is very enlightening. I like how 'Amen' is explained as lately I was wandering what it meant, though I did look up the word but your explanation was clear, easy to relate

Ada Paul

The course has made me to understand the deeper meaning of the Lord's prayer that I never knew. It has also made want to become more spiritual and also prayerful.

Winnie Lago

This course is amazing

Barry Grey