Sue Radd

Sue Radd is one of Australia's leading nutritionists and health communicators. She also advises law firms, providing expert nutrition reports for use in court cases.
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  • When should I eat?
    Eating around the clock has become common. But could nibbling over an extended time period be harming your health?
  • The value of home cooking
    The decline in home food preparation and increase in convenience products has become a recipe for poor health.
  • Which wholegrains are best?
    It’s commonly known that wholemeal or wholegrain products are healthier than white, refined versions. But is smooth wholemeal bread just as healthy as cooked barley or steel-cut oats?
  • Can you cook with olive oil
    Despite being used traditionally for all cooking methods in the Mediterranean, it’s often said you can’t cook with olive oil due to its lower smoke point, compared to other vegetable oils. But is that really the key to choosing safer cooking oils?
  • Eat better, fight depression
    Could switching to a healthier diet lift your mood? New research suggests the likely answer is Yes.