Deanna Pitchford

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  • The Spiritual Wounds of Abuse
    More than 10 years of sexual abuse—at the hands of a "good Christian man", no less—is more than enough to distort one's picture of God. “I know God is good," says *Rachel. "I just haven't seen any of it."
  • Learning to Have a Voice
    My problem is that I am feeling a restlessness I cannot suppress. I long to make my own decisions and take charge of my own life.
  • Talking about Depression
    My doctor increased my antidepressant dose. This has resulted in side effects, such as a dry mouth and tingling in my hands.
  • Dealing with Panic Attacks
    I have no social life, and my children are growing up and will soon leave home. I am in urgent need of help.
  • Online Relationship Bluff
    My boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago. He refuses to talk to me. I really thought he was the one for me.
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