Robert Wolfgramm

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  • History Is What We Make It
    Robert Wolfgramm reflects on the bicentennary of the abolition of slavery, which was marked by memorial services earlier this year.
  • Work Out Your Own Salvation
    There is something you just can't share. Robert Wolfgramm looks at one of the tough realities of life.
  • Tonga Wrestles With Change
    How does a calm pacific nation break out into chaos?Robert Wolfgramm considers the cause to find peace.
  • A suggestion for Mel on Mago
    From Mel Gibson to the Middle East, anti-Semitism is not new. Robert Wolfgramm explores an example from the past and what it means today.
  • Learning from the Bounty
    We all like sheep have gone astray. Robert Wolfgramm retells the story of the Bounty mutiny and draws some challenging parallels.
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