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  • Where evil began
    Where evil began

    Clifford Goldstein

    Clifford Goldstein explores that age-old question of why God created humans with the capacity to do evil things.

  • Beautiful maths
    Beautiful maths

    Ty Gibson

    The greatest mind of the 20th century said he found God in music. Ty Gibson explains.

  • Killing time
    Killing time

    Mark Hadley

    In our increasingly safe and sanitised Western culture, we turn to gaming and movies to satisfy our thirst for blood. But, asks Mark Hadley, how is violent entertainment affecting us?

  • Devices may be making us smarter, but is there a catch?
    Devices may be making us smarter, but is there a catch?

    Suvi Mahonen

    Like many parents, Suvi Mahonen is worried about the hours kids are spending staring at screens.

  • Connected but lonely?
    Connected but lonely?

    Bruce Manners

    The busy activity on your Facebook newsfeed may belie a more sobering reality.

  • To raise an Amish child
    To raise an Amish child

    Melody Tan

    How can we ensure our children aren’t addicted to technology when we ourselves can’t seem to tear ourselves away from our mobile phones?

  • What Technology is Doing to Our Hearts
    What Technology is Doing to Our Hearts

    Rob Muthiah

    We've all heard about the ills of the internet. But did you know it could affect our sense of empathy and compassion as well?

  • When virtual becomes reality
    When virtual becomes reality

    Mark Hadley

    To reach our changing world, we need to change too. #stayrelevant

  • The smartphone dilemma
    The smartphone dilemma

    Scott Wegener

    While our smartphones might be convenient, Scott Wegener warns that we need to be aware of the potential problems they can create in our lives, if we aren’t careful.

  • Playing God
    Playing God

    Kim Peckham

    As scientists progress from genetically modifying food to tinkering with the human genome, what does this means for our Creator God?

  • The God of His Sucess
    The God of His Sucess

    Harold Finch

    Going from NASA scientist to film producer is quite a step. Harold Finch talks about the secrets behind his achievements.

  • Pokémon go … but go where?
    Pokémon go … but go where?

    Mark Hadley

    There’s much more to living in an augmented reality.

  • Bigger than the Big Bang
    Bigger than the Big Bang

    Sven Östring

    There are Christians who feel the need to integrate the Big Bang theory into their theology because they believe the weight of evidence requires them to do so. But this is dangerous.

  • Answers to Life's Big Questions
    Answers to Life's Big Questions

    Errol Webster

    Why send a spacecraft 6.4 billion kilometres for 10 years to a comet five kilometres wide traveling at 135,000 kilometres per hour?

  • Digital Thunder
    Digital Thunder

    Jared Madden

    We are now at a point where ‘digital overload’ is impacting our health and relationships. What's the solution...

  • Digital Disconnect
    Digital Disconnect

    Jared Madden

    This new digital paradigm is changing how we relate to society, families, friends and God.

  • Called to Attention
    Called to Attention

    Nathan Brown

    An analysis of the news that we consume - or that consumes us.

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