Public School Students Complete Bible Courses

08 Dec 2015
Public School Students Complete Bible Courses

The Voice of Prophecy (VOP) Bible school in the Western Highlands Mission (WHM) successfully enrolled 120 students from two government schools this year. 

The schools are Komblopa in the Western Highlands and Mogol in the Southern Highlands.

Two VOP graduation ceremonies were held on consecutive days. At Komblopa, 82 students studied the Junior Correspondence course. Pastor Peter Oli offered a short sermon and a special dedicatory prayer for students facing National Exams, a gesture the students greatly appreciated. He also encouraged the local pastor to plan for conducting baptisms at the school. 

At Mogol, 38 students were awarded various certificates for completing courses, including Try Jesus, Light of the World, Digging Up the Past and Digging Deeper. 

The Mission now plans to make the graduation an annual event on the last Sabbath before National Exam week, so students can receive special dedicatory prayers from church officials.

The instructors, Pastor Samuel Poke and minister Joseph Koim, were proud to see their students’ achievements. 

The WHM hopes to expand the program to all state schools in the region.

The graduation has already created a lasting impression upon the students at both schools. “It would be sad if this program does not continue next year,” said a Komblopa Grade 9 student. At Mogol, students from other denominations were asking how they could join in.

Mr Koim said the courses are open to anyone regardless of religion. 

“It will be even bigger and better next year with a baptism conducted at the school,” he said.­


Jim Wagi