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Beating Evil With Love

Hope Sabbath School Episode 11

Added 09 Mar 2021

In Isaiah 55 and 58, the prophet appeals to his people to give up their thoughts and ways and return to God, whose ideal for their happiness is so much higher than their own. Isaiah 55 is a unique chapter. It has brought many people to an understanding of how salvation is mediated to all sinners who want to be saved. Salvation is not so much about what people do; it is all about what God has done in behalf of them through the Servant of the Lord.

1 - Crisis of Identity
2 - Crisis of Leadership
3 - When Your World is Falling
4 - The Hard Way
5 - Noble Prince of Peace
6 - Playing God
7 - The Assyrians Are Beaten
8 - Comfort My People
9 - To Serve and To Save
10 - Doing the Unthinkable
11 - Beating Evil With Love
12 - The One Person We Need Most
13 - The Rebirth of Planet Earth