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Christ’s Victory Over Death

Hope Sabbath School Episode 7

Added 10 Nov 2022

The Cross is Christ’s victory over sin, death, and the devil; and His resurrection is the culminating triumphal event. Death could not retain Jesus, for He never committed sin and was sinless in all His actions. Jesus’ death is the central point of His accomplishments; however, the Cross without the resurrection would become only a beautiful philosophy of unselfish service and have no salvific significance. Furthermore, the Cross without the resurrection would be a demonstration of sacrificial love but have no power to transform lives and bring a decisive solution to the problem of sin and death. It would be incapable of providing eternal life for believers (Rom. 3:21–26). 

1 - Rebellion in a Perfect Universe
2 - Death in a Sinful World
3 - Understanding Human Nature
4 - The Old Testament Hope of Eternal Life With God
5 - Resurrections Before the Cross
6 - Jesus Died for Us
7 - Christ’s Victory Over Death
8 - The New Testament Hope
9 - Challenging Bible Passages About Death
10 - The Fires of Hell and Eternal Torment
11 - End-Time Tricks and Lies
12 - The Great Controversy Worldview
13 - The Judging Process
14 - Making All Things New