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Finding Hope In Times Of Suffering

Hope Sabbath School Episode 7

Added 08 Aug 2022

When we find ourselves within the crucible, hope does not always seem so easy. As circumstances press in around us, we begin to question everything, particularly the wisdom of God. Even though we don’t always understand God and He seems to do unpredictable things, that doesn’t mean that God is against us. It simply means that we don’t have the full picture yet. But we struggle with the idea that for us to have peace, confidence, and hope, God must be understandable and predictable. He needs to be, in our thinking, “safe.” As such, we set ourselves up for disappointment

1 - Suffering With The Good Shepherd
2 - Expecting Suffering And Trials
3 - Singing A New Song In Times Of Suffering
4 - Welcoming The Refiner’s Fire
5 - Enduring Extreme Suffering
6 - Making Healthy Choices In Times Of Suffering
7 - Finding Hope In Times Of Suffering
8 - Seeing Beyond Our Suffering And Trials
9 - Praising The Lord Through Times Of Suffering
10 - Reflecting The Character Of Christ
11 - Waiting On The Lord In Times Of Suffering
12 - Total Surrender To Christ In Times Of Suffering And Trial
13 - Reflecting On The Sufferings Of Christ