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Jesus, the Anchor of the Soul

Hope Sabbath School Episode 7

Added 09 Feb 2022

Apparently,  the people  were  in real  danger  of going down  the slippery slope of self-pity and faithlessness.  The apostle Paul is concerned that his readers and hearers may have had their spiritual senses dulled because of the difficult situations they were facing, and thus they had stopped growing in their understanding and experience of the gospel. Is not this a potential danger for us all, getting discouraged because of trials, and thus falling away? This study will focus on the strong words of encouragement that Jesus provides for us.

1 - The Letter to the Hebrews and to Us
2 - The Message of Hebrews—An overview
3 - Jesus, the Promised Son
4 - Jesus, Our Faithful Brother
5 - Jesus, the Giver of Rest
6 - Jesus, the Faithful Priest
7 - Jesus, the Anchor of the Soul
8 - Jesus, the Mediator of the New Covenant
9 - Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice
10 - Jesus, the Open Way Through the Veil
11 - Jesus, Author and Perfecter of Our Faith
12 - Receiving an Unshakeable Kingdom
13 - Let Brotherly Love Continue