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Law and Grace in Deuteronomy

Hope Sabbath School Episode 7

Added 10 Nov 2021

What is the relationship between grace and the law and how do they relate to each other in the lives of believers?

The keeper of the law has often been accused of being a legalist without soul or without intelligence, a disciple of a backward religion. This charge is unfair. The law, as it is understood in Israel, implies, on the contrary, a light that helps one’s spiritual walk and promotes progress. The psalmist compares the law to “a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Ps. 119:105, NKJV). This lesson is contained in the Hebrew word torah, which is related to the word or, meaning “light.”

This study will examine the paradoxical interrelationship between the law and the grace of God. 

1 - Introduction to Deuteronomy
2 - Inspired History Lesson
3 - The Everlasting Covenant
4 - To Love The Lord Your God
5 - The Stranger In Your Gates
6 - For What Nation Is There So Great?
7 - Law and Grace in Deuteronomy
8 - Choose Life
9 - Turn Their Hearts
10 - Remember, Do Not Forget.
11 - Deuteronomy In The Later Writings
12 - Deuteronomy in the New Testament
13 - The Resurrection Of Moses