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The Fires of Hell and Eternal Torment

Hope Sabbath School Episode 10

Added 29 Nov 2022

The eternal destinies of the righteous and wicked are described in sharp contrast to each other. The first group receives everlasting life, and the other group will experience God’s painful judgment of condemnation and be totally annihilated. The big lie of eternal punishment and of the perpetual suffering of the wicked in hell is built on the satanic deception expressed in the Garden of Eden: “ ‘You will not surely die’ ” (Gen. 3:4, NKJV) Another teaching that has arisen through this is the concept of purgatory which removes accountability for personal actions in this life and provides a false sense of security of a second chance, which is never mentioned in the Bible. 

1 - Rebellion in a Perfect Universe
2 - Death in a Sinful World
3 - Understanding Human Nature
4 - The Old Testament Hope of Eternal Life With God
5 - Resurrections Before the Cross
6 - Jesus Died for Us
7 - Christ’s Victory Over Death
8 - The New Testament Hope
9 - Challenging Bible Passages About Death
10 - The Fires of Hell and Eternal Torment
11 - End-Time Tricks and Lies
12 - The Great Controversy Worldview
13 - The Judging Process
14 - Making All Things New