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  • The old blue couch
    The old blue couch

    KT Marie Wallis

    What is it that makes some friendships tick and others fade away?

  • War against revenge porn
    War against revenge porn

    Julie Guirgis

    Coupling shame and the human desire for vindication, the internet amplifies the harmful effects of porn.

  • Grace in the delivery room
    Grace in the delivery room

    Robert Rigsby

    How do you treat someone who’s overwhelmed with guilt from their past?

  • A father's love
    A father's love

    Loren Seibold

    "How deep the Father's love for us; how vast beyond all measure."

  • Daddy day care
    Daddy day care

    Daniel Bell

    A father's work is never done. Daniel Bell reflects on the first few months of his new "job".

  • Hey, Dad, I love you
    Hey, Dad, I love you

    Scott Wegener

    A father's love is but a shadow of the love our heavenly Father has toward us.

  • Marriage . . . by single men
    Marriage . . . by single men

    Kim Peckham

    As a general rule, you shouldn’t listen to a single man’s ideas about marriage. But there are exceptions.

  • Diary of a first time mum
    Diary of a first time mum

    Melody Tan

    Signs associate editor Melody Tan, recently returned from maternity leave, shares her experience as a first-time mum. And it may sound familiar.

  • Why touch matters
    Why touch matters

    Vanessa Pizzuto

    Vanessa Pizzuto says that humans—even muscular athletes—have a deep psychological need to be touched by other humans.

  • First chances
    First chances

    Maritza Brunt

    Maritza Brunt reflects on one thing marriage has taught her.

  • The ultimate Valentine’s gift
    The ultimate Valentine’s gift

    Charissa Fong

    Each February we set aside a day to celebrate romantic love. And Charissa Fong says God has also set aside a day when we celebrate His love for us and ours for Him.

  • Adultery and Moral Collapse
    Adultery and Moral Collapse

    Kim Peckham

    Adultery is listed by God as one of His Top 10 no-nos. To have a website that involves millions in betraying their most intimate relationship must indicate some sort of moral watershed, right?

  • Is sharing caring?
    Is sharing caring?

    Candice Jaques

    Do the promises of the “new economy” of a better community and a gentler impact on the environment stand up?

  • The Very Worst Experience
    The Very Worst Experience

    Trafford Fischer

    A strong and resilient marriage isn’t something a couple receives at their wedding along with all the other gifts.

  • Father time
    Father time

    Nick Mattiske

    This fatherhood classic has good intentions, but ultimately misses the mark.

  • I'm not a PK
    I'm not a PK

    Maritza Brunt

    "You’re a pastor’s kid, so you should really start behaving like one." Newsflash: having a parent as a pastor doesn't make someone a PK.

  • A mother with whiskers
    A mother with whiskers

    Scott Wegener

    A father is not just a mother with whiskers. In addition to all the parallel responsibilities there is actually a lot more pressure on being a father than being a mother.

  • I am your Father
    I am your Father

    Kent Kingston

    Star Wars. Thor. Back to the Future. Finding Nemo. It's amazing how the emotional tone of a movie—and a life—is often determined by the kind of father involved.

  • Where were the angels?
    Where were the angels?

    James Standish

    A miracle saved James Standish's father from certain death in war-torn Laos. Yet many years later he was killed in a car accident in rural Victoria. Why are God's interventions so inconsistent?

  • Life lessons
    Life lessons

    Jarrod Stackelroth

    “It is the religious practice of the father of the family that, above all, determines the future attendance at or absence from church of the children.” Never underestimate the impact of our dads.

  • Save our girls!
    Save our girls!

    Melinda Tankard Reist

    A salutary warning about the effects of our increasing porn-infiltrated world on young women.

  • When Kids Take Charge
    When Kids Take Charge

    Karen Holford

    Many believe that today's children live in an age of entitlement. But we may only have ourselves to blame for that.

  • Mother-in-law Troubles
    Mother-in-law Troubles

    Terrell Bowers

    Patience and kindness can heal a difficult relationship.

  • Rhyme Time
    Rhyme Time

    Suvi Mahonen

    Moving to a different state with a new baby was taking its toll—then she slapped her husband in the heat of an argument . . .

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