This Wild Idea

We spend so much time indoors today that we forget how good life is just outside our doorstep. Conrad Ling journeys around New Zealand to show just how easy it is to enjoy our natural environment and the many health benefits that come our way as soon as we get outside and get moving.

This Wild Idea


Cycling – E02

More than a billion bicycles have been produced worldwide which is almost twice as many as the number of cars, but cycling has a lot more appeal than just being a good way of getting around.

Walking – E08

A gym membership is a popular way to get fit but did you know that you can get many of the same health benefits from walking?

Photography – E07

If you aren’t really into team games and exercise then maybe photography is the sport for you.

Kayaking – E06

Kayaking is a great way to get out onto the waterways and is lots of fun, but it also has loads of health benefits that may surprise you.

Hiking – E05

We all know that hiking has plenty of perks like fresh air, sunshine and great views but do you know just how good it is for you?

Gardening – E04

It might seem like a wild idea to get off your computer, go outside and get your hands dirty, but once you learn the benefits of gardening it will be easy to understand why it is so popular.

Fresh Air – E03

Air is the most crucial element to maintain life, are you getting enough?

Camping – E01

Sometimes we need to escape the hustle and bustle of life but holidays can be expensive. Camping could be the answer.

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This Wild Idea
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