As the official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, HopeChannel offers programs on wholistic Christian living and focuses of faith, health, relationships, and community. It’s television that will change your life! We produce more than 95 percent of our programs and broadcast worldwide.

Local HopeChannel broadcasts are a faith ministry and are supported by donors and sponsorship. HopeChannel endeavours to use the broadcast media (terrestrial, satellite, cable, digital) or a combination of media, that reaches the largest possible viewing audience with limits of local support.

HopeChannel began broadcasting in the United States in 2003. But today, HopeChannel is a global network with 23 Channels that cover Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand and the islands of the Pacific. Where possible programs on each channel are contextualized for their local culture and are broadcast in many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Mandarin, Russian, Tamil, Hindi, Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi and Telugu.