Church Leaders Affirm Biblical Creation

by * ANN
26 Apr 2016
Church Leaders Affirm Biblical Creation

Seventh-day Adventist world Church president Dr Ted Wilson strongly affirmed the Church’s position that God is the Creator of the universe, as he opened a conference for senior Adventist educators in St George, Utah.

In his remarks, Dr Wilson emphasised the importance of careful study of the creation accounts in Scripture and called for Seventh-day Adventist educators to support the evidence for a literal understanding of Genesis 1-11, including acceptance of a short chronology and a global flood. He was not backward in stating that teachers in Seventh-day Adventist schools should stand up and be counted in affirming the biblical story of creation in the classroom. Dr Wilson was speaking to a group of some 450 leading educators, mainly from Seventh-day Adventist tertiary institutions around the world. The 10-day conference was organised by the Education Department of the General Conference. 

South Pacific Division president Dr Barry Oliver said, “This is the best conference that I have attended on the subject of creation and the flood.” Read more <>