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Warming Winter Soups for Optimal Physical Health

Warm up this winter with a holistic healthy soup and for optimal physical health. A great way to stay warm and keep weight off in winter.

Competition vs cooperation in a crisis

The natural human impulse is to bunker down and look out for Number One when times get tough. But is that actually the most effective response?

Going Raw

Mar 20, 2023

Going Raw

Raw-food restaurants and cookbooks are becoming more popular. But does eating more raw foods significantly benefit your body and general health?

Smart Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast is brain food for kids.

Magic of the Mediterranean diet

Western diets are making us sick, but certain Mediterranean diets and traditional eating patterns can deliver both health and flavour on the one plate.

The Health Benefits of Cherries

Cherries have sweet benefits, quite literally!

Detox Dilemma

Mar 20, 2023

Detox Dilemma

"Detox" diets are a dime a dozen, but are they worth that much?

Nature Versus Nurture

Fitness level, blood sugar control and brain size. Do we inherit these things or can we change them? To find out, researchers studied 10 sets of identical twins in their 30s in which one twin was physically active and the other relatively sedentary.

Is Your Child a Bully?

Can you recognise the signs of favour and fear transmitted by children? Devyani Borade looks at what really happens on the playground.

The Assent of Degeneration

Violence fuelled by alcohol is rising in Australia, but Geoff Youlden believes the media plays an equal part in the demise of values and virtues.

How to get Kids to Eat Vegetables

Many parents complain that they can't get their children to eat vegetables, often giving up after the first few tries. But teaching your kids to develop a love for vegetables is one of the best gifts you can give, as it will be with them for a lifetime.

Mean World Syndrome

How the media is making us more afraid

God loves me

Mar 20, 2023

God loves me

For Lina Maevis, building a house gave her something more than a home to live in.

Where Did the Universe Come From?

Why the Big Bang eventually goes bust, universe-sized bubbles pop and string theory has cosmologists tangled up.

The Truth About Getting Drunk

So often seen as a normal part of the lives of young people, binge drinking is increasingly putting those lives at risk. Victor Parachin reports.

A Day to Remember

Mar 20, 2023

A Day to Remember

The Sabbath is a weekly reminder that we need to take time to be with God, family and friends, to remember where we came from and what Jesus has done for us.

Fate of the Unwarned

The Bible teaches that only those who believe in Jesus will gain eternal life. Borge Schantz asks, What happens to those who never heard about Jesus?

Ben Carson: The Faith of a Surgeon

Jarrod Stackelroth explores the life and faith of one ofthe world's bestknown and "gifted" neurosurgeons.