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Excuses, Excuses ...

Making excuses for our actions, or lack of them, is almost part of human nature. But is it acceptable? Glenis Lindley gives her opinion.

The third temple prophecy

Do events in the nation of Israel mark the beginning of the so-called end times? Will a new Jewish temple be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem?

Unethical but legal

What do the Panama Papers teach us about the law and morality?

The Day God Saved Johnny Cash

The love that gave him new life

Archaeology with an Open Mind

To many archaeologists and historians, the Bible is not considered a valid nor accurate source, rather, the product of tradition. But is it?

What Jesus Said About the Last Day

Some people believe the world is getting better and better, but Clifford Goldstein points out that Jesus dispelled that idea some 2000 years ago.

The final courtroom

Everyone needs a good attorney at court. Especially when you’re guilty and on trial for your life.

When God Spoke to Me

What does it mean to “hear” God’s voice? How does He “talk” to us?

7 Secrets of Contentment

Living simultaneously with positive and negative experiences can be stressful. Is it possible to find peace and contentment in such a world? Let's look at seven secrets "of being content in any and every situation."

12 Secrets to Beating a Tobacco Addiction

Want to kick the nicotine habit for good? Adrian Webster offers 12 suggestions that can help you to succeed.

The Curse of the Forbidden Prophecy

Was Jesus real? Is He believable?

Review: War Room

Nov 9, 2022

Review: War Room

The latest offering from Alex and Stephen Kendrick challenges audiences to fight . . . on their knees.

Sabbath: Do We Know Which Day It Is?

There've been two calendar changes in the past 2000 years, so a key question about the Sabbath is whether we really know which day it is.

Imagine ... A World Without Christianity

What difference has Christianity had in the world? Is it better? Would we really be better off if Beatle John Lennon's imaginary world of no heaven or religion came true?

When to Pull the Plug

Today's medical technology makes it possible to prolong life beyond that which might naturally occur, but there are many ethical, emotional and spiritual issues involved in making that decision

Satan’s spy chips

The Bible speaks of a “mark of the beast” that will be used to identify people in Earth’s last days. Is chip technology the way it will happen?

Does God Torture Sinners?

Could a loving God really torture His children? Murl Vance presents a compelling revelation of God's nature.

Raising Boys: Teaching them to become men

While boys will be boys, they do mature into men-eventually. Rochelle Woods explains how parents can help boys become men of integrity.