Fancy a Fruit Juice?

Fancy a Fruit Juice?

Is fruit juice a health food or a glamorised, sugary drink?

Sue RaddMar 20, 2023, 12:40 AM

People don’t usually set limits on their consumption of juice, as it’s considered nutritious. But health experts are increasingly questioning whether fruit juice should lose its wholesome image.

For thousands of years, humans drank mostly water and ate whole fruit. Juice on tap is a relatively modern phenomenon. Following years of concerted marketing efforts, we’ve come to view fruit juice with a halo. So what’s the squeeze on fruit juice?


However, there’s some bad news along with the good.


What should you do?

The best health drink is still water. It’s smarter to eat your fruit whole rather than taking the lazy juice option. If you make your own juice, you should add back the fibre or blend it with the juice into a smoothie. Limit regular fruit juice intake to one glass per day, especially if you are or your child is overweight, and drink it with a meal.

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