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A lively discussion of a weekly topic which is reviewed by a rotating group of twelve young adults. Viewers from around the world participate in the one-hour Bible study program.

Hope Sabbath School


Rewards for Faithfulness

Though we can never earn salvation, the Bible uses the hope of reward as a motivation for faithful living as undeserving recipients of God’s grace, for in the end whatever we receive is, always and only, from God’s grace.

Managing in Tough Times

Sometimes our world seems to be spinning out of control: wars, bloodshed, crime, immorality, natural disasters, pandemics, economic uncertainty, political corruption, and more. There is a strong urge for individuals and families to think first of their own survival. This study will look in to how to manage during times that are tough.

Part of God's Family

As Christians, we are God’s children and part of His family. God blesses His children with many wonderful gifts. One of these gifts is His trust. God trusts us to manage His work on this earth. God also blesses the church with money. God wants us to support His work. He also encourages us to spend our leftover money on the things we need. God wants us to help the needy, too. He also trusts us to raise His children, build His buildings, and teach new Christians Bible truth. This study will consider what it means for us to be part of God’s family.

God’s Promised Blessings

This study will discuss some very important two-part promises between God and His people. GOD MADE SPECIAL AGREEMENTS with us. Most of God’s promises have two parts. So, both God and humans have a part to do.

The Tithing Blessing

In Genesis 14, Abram gives to Melchizedek 10% of everything he owned. Right after Abram gives his tithe, the Lord says, ‘Abram, don’t be afraid. I will defend you. And I will give you a great reward’ What do these Bible truths about tithing mean for us today?

Offerings for Jesus

This study will review what the Bible has to say about offerings as part of our management of God’s business on the earth.

Dealing with Debt

If you are stuck in the debt trap, the Bible speaks about debt. It tells us to flee from it. It’s a deadly trap. But in our study, we’ll discover how you can find freedom from debt and how you can find freedom in Jesus.

Laying Up Treasure in Heaven

Do you want a heart for the kingdom of God? If so, then put your money where it will reap eternal rewards. Put your time and your money and prayer into God’s work. If you do, you will soon become even more interested in that work, and your heart will follow, as well. This study will review texts and illustrations that show us how to store up treasures in heaven and, ultimately, reap an eternal reward.

Caring for The Least of These

The Savior’s mission included spiritual and material relief for those who suffered financially (Luke 4:18, 19; Luke 7:19–22). Loving others and helping others in need is a divine commandment for those who follow the Savior (Deut. 15:11). And because we are managers of God’s business, helping the poor is not just an option. It is following the example of Jesus and obeying His commands.

Planning for Success

This study looks at the idea of “success” in the context of basic stewardship and financial principles. What are some practical steps, that we can take along the way that, though not guaranteeing “success,” can nevertheless help us avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that can make financial success a bit more difficult?

Beware of Covetousness

Covetousness has been defined as an inordinate desire for wealth or possessions that really don’t belong to you. Covetousness is a big deal, big enough, in fact, to be right up there with not lying, stealing, or murder. It’s so damaging that God chose to warn against it in His great moral law.  This study will look at examples of just how bad it is and what we can do to overcome it.

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A lively discussion of a weekly topic which is reviewed by a rotating group of twelve young adults. Viewers from around the world participate in the one-hour Bible study program.

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