Baptisms a highlight of ARISE grad

28 Apr 2016
Baptisms a highlight of ARISE grad

Terry Short, one of 12 baptised at a recent ARISE Bible school graduation at Kingscliff church, shared with the congregation how he has had a traumatic life. He described how a couple of months ago he looked up at the sky and said, “I just want someone to love me.” Three days later, two ARISE students came to the door. 

“They were standing there offering me a path to peace—Steps to Christ—and hearing a testimony from one of the ladies, I decided to snatch the book out of her hand—she nearly came with it,” he joked. “From there it has been a rollercoaster of joy, love and understanding, and knowing about God–He already knew me.”

 Another of the 12, Laurene Edwards, described herself as “your everyday single mother trying to make her way in the world, who has been a lost soul for many years, until some beautiful people showed her a light.”

 Ms Edwards had been into the “new age” for many years and was confused spiritually. Early last year she asked God to show her the truth, and a few weeks later her mother handed her a flier about upcoming health talks at Tweed Heads South, during the inaugural ARISE Australia program. She attended and then stayed for the prophecy seminar. Her car broke down during the program and she was stunned when a couple of the students turned up on her doorstep offering to drive her each night! Soon she was going to Kingscliff church each Sabbath. “It felt like I’d found what I’d been searching for, for many years. I just felt like I’d come home,” Ms Edwards said.

 North NSW Conference president Pastor Justin Lawman said: “We’re seeing young and old people just getting involved in ministry and confident to do that, knowing that God’s going to bless their efforts. I think we live in really serious times in the earth’s history and this young generation of people is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I can really see that God is doing something special."


Summer Lockley