Making New Disciples

09 May 2015
Making New Disciples



Earlier this year, a new station was launched in Gosford, NSW. Although it wasn’t advertised, listeners are already making contact with HopeChannel. One listener requested the free offer and commented: “I’m delighted with Faith FM. It makes my faith levels rise dramatically.” 

Deception Bay Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Queensland recently baptised 3 people who had been introduced to Jesus through HopeChannel radio and are now regularly attending church. 

South Australia—Pastor Andrew Kingston told HopeChannel that several families from Adelaide are now attending church as a result of listening to HopeChannel radio. 

A listener from Tasmania wrote to us and shared that his radio dial never moved from the ABC, but one morning he turned on the radio to hear a sermon rather than the news. He and his wife continued to listen to HopeFM from that day. They have found a new station that brings hope and joy. 

Since the large-scale development of HopeChannel Radio in Australia five years ago, hundreds of people have requested resources or church contact details. During this time, more than 30 people who began listening to HopeChannel radio in their cars and homes have been baptised and continue to be active disciples in the Adventist Church.

Cristian Copaceanu