Beyond the Search

An epic story that gives new perspective to a world in crisis

Bible and Christian Living

Bible and Christian Living. Presented by Adrian Webster and William Arama.

Dog Tales

There are many practical things dogs can teach humans about how to live. Discover some dog wisdom about everyday life.

From Particles To Planets

Discover our amazing world, from the smallness of DNA and the humble cell, to the largeness of the universe.

Hope Sabbath School

A lively discussion of a weekly topic which is reviewed by a rotating group of twelve young adults. Viewers from around the world participate in the one-hour Bible study program.

It Is Written Oceania

It Is Written Oceania shares insights from God's Word and applies them to everyday life.

Keepers Of The Flame

Takinging you to locations in Europe, North America and Australia, Dr. Allan Lindsay retells the great stories of controversy and faith that have led to the emergence of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Live at Psalter Studios

Live @ Psalter Studios takes you within the walls of this historic studio located in Sydney, Australia and gives you a special insight into the live recording sessions taking place as original artists share their music and stories behind their songs.


Masterstroke is a documentary series investigating some of the most famous and interesting religious art in history.

Masterstroke Short Films

Masterstroke Short Films explore some of the most famous and interesting religious art in history. At a time when many couldn’t read, art was used as the basis for an understanding of God. Each film explores the paintings and its artist.

My Family Rules

Ray and Chantal offer practical tips and advice for the challenges that parents and family face today.

Mysteries Unearthed

Discover the world of archaeology where ancient artifacts hold secrets that speak to us today.

South Pacific Classics

Discover the Pacific as you have never seen it, South Pacific Classics showcases rare and previously unseen footage found in forgotten vaults that showcases the Pacific Islands and its peoples in an age when missionaries were having first contact with them.

The Good Food Kitchen

Jeremy Dixon founder of Revive Cafes and the series of Revive café Cookbook’s, shows us how to prepare simple, delicious and healthy dishes that are quick and easy.

The Table

The Table is the place where we share, laugh and dream together. It’s a TV panel show featuring real women; smart and sassy ladies with real lives, real families, real struggles and real joy.