Radio - How to be involved

23 May 2015
Radio - How to be involved

Nnsw Camp

Radio and TV are only one part of the equation to reach people for Jesus Christ. YOU are an essential part of this ministry. Together we can make disciples for Jesus. 

How can you be involved? 


◗ Pray for people who are listening 

◗ Pray for new radio licenses to extend our coverage. 


◗ Tell your friends, neighbours and family about the local radio frequency so they can tune in. 

◗ Share your own faith story with new listeners who might attend your church. 

◗ Invite listeners to church, lunch, picnics or social gatherings. 


◗ Be involved in your local church. Encourage your church to record sermons, Bible studies or interviews. 


◗ Send us your ideas so that together we can reach the world with a message of Jesus soon return. 

Camp Meeting Radio 

HopeChannel have invested in a portable radio station that will be used to broadcast sermons and presentations during camp meetings in Australia and New Zealand. The South New Zealand and Western Australian Conferences were the first to benefit from HopeChannel camp radio, which featured live broadcasts of the Main Tent as well as interviews with speakers and music throughout the day 

Share your stories 

If you have been encouraged and blessed by listening or you know of someone who has found God as a result of listening, share your story with us. This might just encourage someone else. 

If you have thoughts and ideas about future programs, please write to us at PatriciaGoncalves@ 

For more information on HopeChannel TV and Radio ministry, visit You will find many clips and resources which you can use to share your faith.

Cristian Copaceanu