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Three Angels Message

A safety message for you

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Uncover God's final warning for earth's epic showdown and how we can be prepared

What You Will Learn

The seal of god copy
The Seal

Uncover what it means to be sealed by God, and how you can be a part of the faithful who receive this seal of safety.

The Mark

What exactly is the Mark of the Beast? Discover a clear study into the identity of the mark, and how to avoid it.


Learn more about the persecuting power that is already happening today, and why you don’t need to be afraid.


John Gate
Pr John Gate

BA (Theology), MA (Religion)

Clifford Goldstein
Clifford Goldstein

BA (Theology), MA (Northwest Semitic Languages)

Jared Madden
Jared Madden

Producer "Beyond the Search"

Reviews (6)

another great course thankyou

kerryanne tavener

The day is fast approaching when we willhave to stand for truth or error. Today is however the moment to decide. The Three Angels Message must be delivered to all God's people, and it based on this that I highly recommend this important study.

Francois Peters

I am intrigued by revelations learning so much at the hope channel

Barb McAvaney

Awesome course to learn the three Angels message - always good to gather as many perspectives as possible to get an all round understanding of this important message.

Tua Wilson

Yes. It gives Christians a true sense as to what the Roman Catholic Church stands for. I think a lot of their beliefs in regards to non Catholics has a lot to answer for.

Sue Webster

anyone seeking the whole truth concerning sabbath keeping will find the truth in this lesson and as the bible tells us the truth will set you free if you believe

sandy barton