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Lesson 2: The Central Issue: Love or Selfishness?

This lesson will explore the love of God revealed in scripture through Jesus. What can we learn about God's love from the hardships of the apostles? This lesson will also look at practical ways we can reflect God's love to those around us.

Lesson 1: The War Behind All Wars

A cosmic conflict has taken place between God and Satan. How did war break out in heaven, a perfect place? What was Lucifer's strategy? When did Earth become a focal point in the conflict? This lesson will look into these questions and help you find hope on the battlefield.

Lesson 13: Waiting on the Lord

Waiting is hard. Waiting on the wonderful promises of heaven that are described in the Bible make it harder! What do the Psalms say about what we should be doing while we wait? Can there be peace in the anticipation?

Lesson 12: Worship that Never Ends

What do the Psalms say about how we worship God here on Earth? What do they say about what worship will be like in heaven?

Lesson 11: Longing for God in Zion

The psalmists wrote many beautiful prose of longing for God, as well as of their intimate worship experiences. How can these examples help us as we wait for heavenly Zion?

Lesson 10: Lessons from the Past

The Psalms often refer to historical examples of how God has saved His people in the past. What lessons can we learn from salvation history?

Lesson 9: Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord

This lesson will look at some of the key biblical themes found in the imagery of The Good Shepherd, The Suffering Messiah, The Eternal King, and Eternal Priest.

Lesson 8: Wisdom for Righteous Living

The Psalms are a source of wise counsel. In this lesson we will look at some examples of this wisdom and the blessings found in applying this wisdom to our lives.

Lesson 7: Your Mercy Reaches to the Heavens

God's mercy is boundless! We will look at what the Psalms have to say about resting and rejoicing in His mercy.

Lesson 6: I Will Arise

Does God hear the cry of the oppressed? What should we do when it seems that He is slow to act on our behalf? In this lesson we will look at God's promises to arise.

Lesson 5: Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land

When were the Psalms written? Does this context give us inssights? Why was Israel in a foreign land? How can we sing the Lord's Song?

Lesson 4: The Lord Hears and Delivers

This lesson continues our look at God's character. The Psalms tell us that God is near to us, cares, is our refuge, deliverer, and help in times of need.

Lesson 3: The Lord Reigns

The Bible reveals the character of our awesome God! In this lesson we will look at the psalmists' description of God as Creator, Sovereign, Judge, and worthy of our trust.

Lesson 2: Teach Us to Pray

This lesson will look at the examples of prayer in the Psalms, and how we can use them as a model for our own prayers.

Lesson 1: How to Read The Psalms

Is there a method to reading the Psalms that will help us get the most out of this beautifully written scripture? In this lesson we will look at who the psalmist were, how Israel used the songs in worship, and the unique features of the Psalms.

Lesson 13: The End of God’s Mission

In this last lesson, we will look at God’s mission in the end times. How will God's mission finally be accomplished?

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An in-depth, interactive study of the Word of God. Each week, a group of young adults participate in a lively discussion of the Bible lesson.

There are Hope Sabbath School members in more than 130 countries around the world.

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